Development and Implementation Services
pathgrid Systems provides software development and implementation services for enterprise business systems, consisting of client-server, browser, mobile applications for a variety of application domains:
  • Capital program and project management
  • Project budgeting and costs management
  • Real estate portfolio management
  • Facilities maintenance management
  • Asset management and preventive maintenance
    At pathgrid, we provide high-quality systems implementations, software products, and consulting services that substantially increase the effectiveness and profitability of our clients. Our work is based on competence, commitment, initiative, and teamwork. We work with the suppliers of our core software components to ensure that they satisfy strict quality, service and delivery standards. Realizing the importance of our clients, the life-blood of our company, we are committed to providing and implementing software systems that exceed our customers feature and function, usability, quality, and support requirements.
    Future Facing Solution Development
    In addition to current services and products, innovative and powerful software solutions are being actively developed at pathgrid for:
  • Automating goods and services procurement and delivery
  • Receivables and payments accounting
  • Inventory management
    These efforts intend to cover requirements for:
  • Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Change Orders
  • Tracking deliveries (e.g.,shipping), and receipt of goods and services
  • Invoices and Payments
  • SKU parts and supplies catalog management and inventory management
    The software system users belonging to internal organizations, which are the providers and the receipients of goods and services, require specific functionality. The solutions under development will also meet these requirements:
  • Differentiation between internal and external organizations, including multiple internal organizations within an overall master organization
  • Intra-internal organization procurement and delivery, e.g., for goods and services transfers and allocation between departments
  • Cost allocation between internal organizations
  • Designated records Ownership and Contact Persons, and ensuring continual coverage per Persons In/Out statuses
    Also as a key part of this development effort, the records for goods and services procurement and delivery will support comprehesive flexiblity of the relationships between these records -- i.e., one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-one. This core functionality will be based on the relationships between the individual goods and services. Also, the innovative user interface that is under development will optimize efficiency and productivity.
    As cited above, automating this goods and services delivery and procurement process is the key requirement and priority of this effort. This will incude automated, schedule driven generation of records based on pattern-matching of cost accounts, and SKU parts and supplies.
    Watch this space for further details as these efforts move forward to solution availablity.
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